White Model Claims She’s ‘Successfully Transformed Into Black Woman’

What the fuck is wrong with this lady?

A blonde German glamour model claims that she has successfully ‘transformed’ into a ‘black woman’ and now plans to undergo surgery so she can have ‘African facial features’.

28-year-old ex-air hostess Martina Big is used to having a radical look with her 32S boobs but she has now taken things to a whole new level.

The model unveiled her new look, that has been created by using extreme tanning injections, during a recent trip to Los Angeles.

Martina has made quite the U-turn as only a couple of months ago she stated that she was ‘not pretending to be a black girl’ despite the color of her skin.

In April, Martina revealed in an interview on This Morning that she was using a 50-tune sunbed and tanning injections in a bid to look ‘African dark’.

This bitch is all fucked up in the head, and doing this certainly proves it.  But in this day an age, anyone can pretty much to anything they want, as long as it doesn’t hurt others.  But this is just extremely fucked up…

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