Finally, You Can Dress Up Like Snapchat’s Dancing Hot Dog for Halloween

It only costs $80 so, you know, worth it.

Way back in June, a small, anthropomorphized hot dog breakdanced his way into our hearts and minds thanks to one of Snapchat’s new AR filters.

We watched the grinning meat tube as he boogied in grocery stores and toilet bowls and, fearlessly, at 35,000 feet, headphones bumping sick tunes and eyebrows perpetually raised to showcase his carefree, I’m-a-hot-dog-and-I’m-really-feeling-myself attitude. We were delighted; we were filled with joy; we longed to experience his ketchup- and mustard-garnished exuberance ourselves.

But alas, he was just an augmented reality filter on Snapchat, trapped on one side of the smartphone screen as we stared at him through the other—until now.

On Wednesday, Snap surprised the world with an official dancing hot dog Halloween costume on Amazon, so you can finally break the smiling sausage man out of your screen and into the real world like Arnold in Last Action Heroor something.

According to the Amazon listing, the costume is made of polyester and comes in two parts—a “tunic” with built-in “sleeves and hands” and pants that come with “attached shoe covers,” since the dancing hot dog man would never be caught in sneakers.

The costume only comes in one size and “fits best on people below 6’4″.” It is also recommended for people 14 and older, likely because children don’t yet have the upper-body strength to attempt the dancing hot dog’s signature one-handed spin move.

Sure, the costume costs a whopping $80—a little pricey, considering that a normal hot dog costume only runs you like $20—but can you really put a price on dancing hot dog–levels of happiness?

The costume is even available on Prime, so you can start your new life as the world’s first augmented reality superstar in a mere two business days. Just steer clear of the subway tracks.

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