Crip Santa Claus

Shopping Mall Being Sued After Hiring “Crip Santa Claus”

Who Was Causing Disturbance

A Los Angeles shopping mall is being sued after hiring a “Crip Santa” who is seen wearing a blue Santa Claus costume, rather than the traditional red Santa Claus costume.

‘The Crips’ are a Los Angeles street gang with predominantly African-American members. The crips are known for wearing the color blue, and rival the street gang ‘The Bloods’, who are known for wearing the color red.

The alleged “Crip Santa” was causing problems in the shopping mall by randomly yelling out crip gang taunts. The crip santa also caught the attention of blood gang members who wanted to start fights with the crip Santa Claus. According to witness Tyson Jefferson, the crip Santa Claus would randomly yell phrases like “blood killa!”, “crip love!”, and “I’m in love with the coco”, referring to the cocaine drug, as well as throwing up the crip gang sign. But it doesn’t stop there, other witnesses also say the crip santa was promising the children he would give them ‘coco’ for christmas.

Although, mall shoppers began complaining to mall owners about the crip santa, the mall refused to fire the crip santa for unknown reasons. Mall shoppers came together to file a lawsuit against the mall and the crip santa for terrorizing people and putting shoppers in danger by gang released activity. The mall was sued for $1.3 Million dollars. We will update you with more information soon.

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