Will Smith Reportedly Draws In 11 Million Viewers To Netflix’s Bright

Whether the reviews are good or bad, everyone seems to be talking about Netflix’s newest original movie, Bright. The film, which stars Will Smith, originally made headlines after many critics suggested it was the worst movie of the year. But Nielsen Media just released the viewers stats for the past three days since its debut on Dec. 22, and the numbers aren’t bad whatsoever.

According to the media company, Bright raked in an average of 11 million viewers in three days. More specifically, between the dates of Dec. 22 and 24, a demographic of a primarily male audience ranging from ages 18-49, tuned into the streaming service’s biggest feature film to date.

As previously noted, the overwhelming viewer support comes after a wave of negative feedback from critics. Rotten Tomatoes reportedly holds the movie at a lame 28 percent.

Bright also trails closely behind the popular sci-fi original, Stranger Things 2, which clocked in at 15 million viewers in three days, according to Nielsen. So, maybe the movie wasn’t that bad after all.

Don’t let us be the judge though; check out Bright on Netflix now!