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    Chance The Rapper Educates us about Chicago Politics

    Chance The Rapper is on a mission to not only entertain but educate, and getting people involved in politics seems to be one of his objectives. On Friday (Nov. 30), he released a hilarious new video where he reports on Chicago politics as an old-school reporter. The video is titled “Elderly Alderman” and finds Chano dressed up as […] More

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    Chance the Rapper Purchases Chicagoist, Local News Site

    Chance the Rapper has purchased the local news, food and culture website Chicagoist, announcing the news in his new song “I Might Need Security.” Hip-hop stars boasting idly about buying things in their songs is as old as the genre itself, but the rapper really did buy the Chicagoist, according to a report in sister site the Gothamist. In the […] More