Why Lonzo Ball’s Summer League MVP Isn’t as Big a Deal as You Think

Despite a horrendous Summer League debut, and an alleged (but probably ridiculous) ducking of De’Aaron Fox, Lonzo Ball pieced together a good enough run in the NBA Summer League to be gifted a crappy little trophy on Monday for winning the MVP. While that would seem good (and, honestly, it is good. It beats not winning it) the people at Real GM put together a list of the past 11 winners of the distinguished(?) honor. And while it’s worth noting that there are some bright spots, especially the guys from 2009-11, it’s also worth noting… well, just take a glance at the list:

Counting backwards from 2016 to 2006, these previous winners include: Tyus Jones, Kyle Anderson, Glen Rice Jr., Jonas Valanciunas, Josh Selby, Damian Lillard, John Wall, Blake Griffin, Jerryd Bayless, Nate Robinson, and Randy Foye.

Ball had averages of 16.3 points, 9.3 assists and 7.7 rebounds in the two-and-a-half week long campaign, in addition to an average of roughly 13.6 stories being written about him (or his family) per night. Anyway, we wish him the best of luck when the real season begins and half the league is trying to dunk on him for stuff that’s come out of his dad’s mouth.

Should be entertaining no matter how it turns out.

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