The Post-LeBron Effect: Cleveland Cavaliers Are 0-4 And Selling Tickets For $2

Cleveland Cavaliers Selling Tickets For $2

Things just ain’t the same for Cavaliers. Now that LeBron James has packed up and left for warmer weather out west, the team that once was the highest valued franchise in the NBA is now embarrassingly desperate to sell tickets by any means necessary.

According to TMZ, the Cavs were selling tickets for literally $2 prior to tip off the other night against the Brooklyn Nets.

Cavs shady owner Dan Gilbert has a ticket resale app called Flash Seats and prices there were paltry to say the least, 200-section seats for $2.87, $2.99 and if you’re REALLY ballin’ $3.50. Be clear, this isn’t some fan-friendly pricing that the franchise is doing, they are trying to put a$$es in seats.

For comparison, the cheapest resale ticket for a Lakers game against the Denver Nuggest was $80 before fees.

When they say LeBron James is an economy in and of himself, they ain’t lyin’.

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