Dillon Brooks Heats LeBron James: “He’s Past His Prime, I Don’t Show Respect Until It’s Earned”

Memphis Grizzlies’ small forward Dillon Brooks recently made controversial comments about NBA superstar LeBron James during a postgame interview. Brooks expressed his lack of respect for the veteran player, stating that he believes James is “past his prime” and that he doesn’t show respect to anyone until it’s earned.

Brooks’ remarks came after a Grizzlies game against the Los Angeles Lakers, in which they emerged victorious with a 104-93 score. When asked about his defense against James, Brooks said, “He’s old, he’s not at the same level he used to be. I don’t think I got him frustrated at all. He’s been in the league for a while, so he knows how to pace himself.”

The 25-year-old player’s comments quickly made headlines, with many basketball fans and commentators criticizing him for his lack of sportsmanship and disrespect towards a legendary player like James. Brooks has yet to apologize or clarify his statements, but it remains to be seen if this controversy will affect his career and reputation in the long run.

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