Cam’Ron Gives Hilarious Commentary Of US Tennis Match

While Cam’Ron could live off the legacy of starting one of the most impactful rap groups in history, it’s becoming abundantly clear that there are people in the world who will pay to hear him commentate sports—especially tennis. 

Almost everyone tuned in to watch Coco Gauff square up with Naomi Osaka for the first time in their young careers, including Dipset general Cam’Ron. In fact, Killa was so invested in the future of tennis that he decided to serve as the match’s unofficial commentator via social media. 

Cam starts off by professionally analyzing Gauff’s advanced game.

“This 15-year-old girl got mad skills,” Killa starts off a series of videos he posted to his Instagram Stories during the U.S. Open match. “But the girl she’s going against, she’s the new shit man.”

Despite Osaka dominating, Mr. Giles was optimistic about Gauff’s career. “She the future, though. She got time. She got a lot of time,” Cam continued before providing comfort as Coco became visibly frustrated with her performance. 

“Nah, don’t cry, Young World. Stay strong, baby,” Cam’ron said. “You 15. Don’t even feel bad. You can’t feel bad. You 15 years old. Nah, don’t start that. Finish strong.”

Although it was clear the rapper was pulling for Gauff, he admired Osaka’s decision to share her post-match interview with Coco. “[Osaka] looked out. She did that, yo. Osaka, that was big time of her,” the rapper closed. 

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