Video Of Donald Trump’s Halloween Celebration With Press Children Is Painfully Weird

You know when you’re faced with something really cringey on television and you can’t look away? Like, pretty much anytime Simon Cowell is mean or all the early episodes of The Office? Well prepare yourself for the biggest cringefest there ever was — courtesy of our Commander-in-Chief. Watching Donald Trump celebrate Halloween with a bunch of children is so, so painful that you’ll want to shut your laptop immediately and take a long, hot shower.

Let me break it down for you. On Oct. 27, a group of the White House Press Corps’ children met Trump in the Oval Office. They all gathered around his desk and many awkward things happened. Like, when the president decided to make fun of their parents — multiple times.

“I cannot believe the media produced such beautiful children,” he said, as a bunch of kids dressed as Princess Leia, Batman, and Darth Vader blinked back at him.

You could tell Trump was pretty pleased with this zinger, because he gleefully continued with a similar line of jokes.

“Are you going to grow up to be like your parents?” he asked one of the children, followed by the declaration that the answer will “only get [him] in trouble.”

He then asked another child how the press treats her, and posited that she is probably “treated better by the press than anybody in the world.”

Perhaps the most painful moment of them all?

He handed a box of Hershey Kisses to one of the children and said, “you have no weight problems. That’s the good news. Right?”

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