Government Shuts Down At Midnight As Congress Fails To Reach Budget Deal

A portion of the US government shuts down at midnight. That’s the final decision for this evening, as the Senate and House of Representatives have both adjourned until noon on Saturday, when they will meet again in an attempt to hash out a budget compromise.

The shut-down is the third this year and comes as both sides dug in their heels on their issues, most prominently funding President Trump’s wall on the Mexican border.

Negotiations reportedly involving Vice President Mike Pence and senior advisor Jared Kushner failed to reach an agreement, as Democrats insisted on not bringing a bill to the floor unless assured that Trump would support it.

The shut-down means closures for the Treasury and departments of Agriculture, Homeland Security, Interior, State, Housing and Urban Development, Transportation, Commerce, and Justice. More than 400,000 people will work without pay for now, including border agents, customs officials, and Coast Guard employees. Some 53,000 T.S.A. agents will also keep working, and , as will air traffic controllers and safety inspectors.

A remaining 380,000 workers will be furloughed, pending a resolution of the spending conflict. It is unsure whether national parks would remain open. Requests for visas and passports will also be available, although those located in government buildings may be affected.


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