Chance The Rapper Educates us about Chicago Politics

Chance The Rapper is on a mission to not only entertain but educate, and getting people involved in politics seems to be one of his objectives. On Friday (Nov. 30), he released a hilarious new video where he reports on Chicago politics as an old-school reporter.

The video is titled “Elderly Alderman” and finds Chano dressed up as his reporter alter ego Champ Bennett. In the 15-minute skit, Champ walks the streets of the Chi to gauge the pulse and knowledge of the people on the upcoming race for city alderman.

“Today, we will look into something so grand, so mysterious, so important. Today, we will look into the aldermanic elections of Chicago,” a faux mustache and afro-rocking Chance reports. “What does it take? How does it work? And more importantly, what is an alderman?”

From there, Champ hits the streets to ask the people of the Chi their opinions on the alderman position, to which he gets mixed reviews.

The teaching moment continues with a hilarious example of an alderman played by comedian Hannibal Buress. Throughout the sketch, puppet figures and animated drawings provide the facts on the actual political process when things take funny and sarcastic turns. Things eventually get real with actual constituents and people who have run for local office coming on to talk about their views of politics in Chicago.



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