“Rapper” and “Goofy Girl” Razzlekhan Arrested For Stealing $4.5 Billion In Bitcoin

Heather Morgan is a lot of things.

She raps under the name Razzlekhan and drops some of the worst music videos you can find.

She writes for Forbes.

She steals Bitcoin.

According to the Feds, she and her husband Ilya Lichtenstein have stolen $4.5 billion worth of Bitcoin.

They were arrested this week for attempting to launder 119,754  of the Bitcoins they stole from the Bitfinex exchange.

Bitfinix was hit with a series of thefts in 2016.  (When Bitcoin was worth a lot less.)

94,000 bitcoins have already been confiscated from the couple in what is the Justice Department’s largest financial seizure ever.

Below is Morgan rapping.  While she might not be good, she spent years pulling the kind of scam your favorite scam rapper could only dream about.

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