Playboi Carti Almost Smokes A Wanna Be Phone Gangster

Playboi Carti found himself in a tense situation this week that seemingly ended with a knock-out. 

Newly surfaced video shows the Whole Lotta Red rapper being confronted by an angry individual while out on the streets. The man records himself approaching Carti as he repeatedly shouts, “You a pussy.” Carti turns toward the man as he keeps one hand behind his back and questions why the dude is recording. 

“Why you pullin’ out the phone for? I don’t know you,” Carti says calmly.

The man then tells Carti put down his pistol, though there is no evidence of there ever being one. He proceeds to challenge Carti to a fight, before accusing the rapper of touching his sister.

“I don’t need no pistol to whoop  pussy-ass n***a’s ass,” the man says. “Hey, you put your hands on my sister again … I’mma kill you, boy … I ain’t scared of no pistol … Fuck a pistol, what your hands like?”

It’s unclear what exactly happened next, as the camera was pointed to the ground toward the end of the video. But right before it cuts off, you can hear a loud smack in the background followed by Carti asking, “Whatcha y’all wanna do?”

Moral of the story, to all you TikTok gansters, don’t be pulling up on someone you don’t know.

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