Travis Scott in the video for "Sicko Mode," ft. Drake.

Travis Scott – “Sicko Mode” (Feat. Drake) Video

One of the biggest songs of the past few months was never officially released as a single, but today, it gets a video. Travis Scott’s Drake collab “Sicko Mode” arrived with the rest of Scott’s zonked-out blockbuster rap opus Astroworld, but it immediately stood out from everything around it. (Drake saying “like a light, heyyy” has been on infinite repeat in some of our heads for weeks.) Drake and Scott performed the song together in Toronto in August, and its truly hallucinatory music video debuted today.

Lots of weird stuff happens in this video. Travis Scott rides a horse past an enormous sculpture of his own head. Drake rides a school bus. Scott does James Brown dances in front of a ’60s girl group that’s supposedly comprised of his exes. Drake appears to have a booty-dancing girl living inside his eyeball. A freight-car graffiti portrait of DJ Screw comes to life and raps. And so on.

The director responsible for this video is Dave Meyers, the late-’90s/early-’00s rap-video veteran who once excelled at depicting the same clichés he’s now deconstructing. The video is a hell of a thing to watch, and you can do that below. Or you can just wait, and you can encounter the video’s many moments in meme form on your Twitter feed over the next week.

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