Sisqó’s hit ‘The Thong Song’ is back and surprisingly better than ever

Here are three words you never thought you’d hear: Sisqó is back.

Oh, c’mon. You know Sisqó! Does “The Thong Song” ring a bell?

Well if you’ve been dying to know what he’s been up to lately, we have the scoop. He’s been busy making music, but by “making music,” we mean re-releasing his only hit.

The 41-year-old artist paired up with a Norwegian DJ trio JCY to remake the song with a modern, bass-dropping twist. And TBH, it’s actually pretty good. OK, it’s a real jam, but that’s besides the point. The video still features girls rollerskating in their thongs and splashing in the ocean, but what else do you expect from a song titled “The Thong Song”?

Take a listen and relive your dirty youth.

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