Hemi Ford

Hemi Ford drops video for new single Right Over Me

Los Angeles had a bomb dropped last night. Figurative, not literal. When Hemi Ford, the dashing and excentric host of popular local show Stay Eatin Bruh, decided to release the visual for his new single Right Over Me.

If you’ve never heard of Hemi, maybe you know him as Miles From Nothin or MFN. Originally doing hip-hop music, performing alongside names such as Post Malone, Ty Dolla Sign & more, Hemi Ford decided to completely rebrand and mold his two worlds together.

Living in both rural areas as well as inner cities he blends the different styles together into a fluid sound. Enjoy a new wave of music from Hemi Ford

Check out the visual below, shot and edited by the very talented Clay Kerr. Enjoy!

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