Johnny P's Caddy

Benny the Butcher joins forces with J. Cole for his latest single, “Johnny P’s Caddy.”

The reflective track, produced by The Alchemist, comes off the Buffalo, N.Y. rapper’s upcoming album Tana Talk 4, set for release later this year.

“Any rapper will tell you when you’re working with someone like Cole, it’s like a match of wits,” Benny said of the collaboration in a statement. “You gotta go crazy, because you know he is. Iron sharpens iron. You want it to be an environment where someone has the presence to push you.”

“Johnny P’s Caddy” finds the two rappers examining their rise to fame and their ability to overcome the various hardships they faced along the way.

“In the game, I used to train like Rocky, catchin’ chickens/I was nice, but they was right when they told me that rapper business,” Benny says. “Who knew that after drug dealin’, I still be casual spendin’ mil’ plus/Annual income, so here’s my manual and some.”

In keeping with the song’s nostalgic bent and Benny’s penchant for centering his craft around a strong narrative, the title is inspired by a Cadillac Benny’s father once owned.

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