The Dirt Trailer

Watch the epic first trailer for Motley Crue biopic ‘The Dirt’

The first trailer for The Dirt has debuted, and it promises to be a revelatory look at the notorious career of Motley Crue.

Directed by Jackass helmer Jeff Tremaine, the biopic follows the band’s excessive exploits and sees Machine Gun Kelly star as drummer Tommy Lee, Douglas Booth as Nikki Sixx, Daniel Webber as Vince Neil and Game of Thrones‘ Iwan Rheon as Mick Mars.

“It could have happened to anybody, but it didn’t, it happened to us,” a voiceover states as the trailer begins with a shot of the four-piece stepping out to a crowd at a packed arena.

“The new band is gonna be something nobody has ever seen before.”

As the band’s rock and roll exploits play out, their manager says: “I’ve managed The Scorpions, Bon Jovi, Skid Row, Kiss… but I have never been through what Motley Crue put me through.”

The film is based on their best selling book The Dirt: Confessions Of The World’s Most Notorious Rock Band, which saw the group teaming up with author Neil Strauss  for the tell-all memoir.

Last month, Machine Gun Kelly also discussed his transformation into Tommy Lee for the film.

“Our first night together in New Orleans, [director] Jeff Tremaine demanded that we go out and have beers and really bond,” he recalled.

“Within the first 30 minutes, Doug was like, “I’m Nikki Sixx, bitch!” and bit [Tremaine’s] shoulder so hard he still has bite marks and purple rings around the bite marks. As soon as Doug bit the director, we knew that it was going to be a ride.”

The movie is released on March 22.

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