James Franco’s ‘The Disaster Artist’ Gets A ‘Real Hollywood Movie’ Trailer

A rough cut of The Disaster Artist, James Franco’s surprisingly sincere and unsurprisingly very funny biopic about the making of Tommy Wiseau’s so-bad-it’s-great The Room, premiered at South by Southwest in March. But the film made its official debut on Monday night at the Toronto International Film Festival, where it received overwhelmingly positive reviews (and an ovation).

But there’s only one review of The Disaster Artist that matters: Tommy Wiseau’s. “He didn’t see it until SXSW,” Franco explained, “and we were unsure of what he was going to think, especially because he said, [mimicking Wiseau’s accent] “Greg book only 40 percent true.” It was like, well, that’s what we based it on, so what are you going to think about our movie?

He continued, “And that screening was so successful, it was like a rock concert… I was like, ‘So, Tommy, what did you think of the movie?’ And he said, ‘I approve 99.9 percent.’ And we were like, ‘What was the 0.1 percent?’ He said, ‘I think the lighting, in the beginning, a little off.’”

A24’s The Disaster Artist — which stars the brothers Franco, James and Dave, as well as Seth Rogen, Alison Brie, Josh Hutcherson, Jacki Weaver, Nathan Fielder, June Diane Raphael, and, well, let’s say it stars all your favorite funny people — opens December 1. You can watch the full-length trailer above.

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