Dark Phoenix Trailer

New X-Men Movie, Dark Phoenix, Drops Trailer

Well, it’s finally here after many delays and under the impending takeover of Fox by Disney. Dark Phoenix I would guess will be the last we will ever see in theaters of this iteration of the X-Men franchise. The Fox/ Disney deal is expected to finalise sometime in the next month and after that it is expected X-Men will be rebooted for the MCU. It also seems increasingly likely that New Mutants will never see a movie theatre.

So what do we think of this trailer? My first thought is that there appear to be a lot of similarities between this movie and X-Men: The Last stand, which is to be expected considering Dark Phoenix director Simon Kinberg wrote that movie. The story is also essentially the same, with Jean discovering her darker and more powerful side to become the Phoenix.

Check out the trrailer!

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