Sharon Stone Shares Her ‘Basic Instinct’ Audition Tape

Sharon Stone is giving us chills.

For #waybackwendesday, the Basic Instinct star shared her audition tape for the 1992 film to Instagram, and after watching it, it’s not hard at all to see why she got the part.

Check it out below, but be warned that, just like the film, the dialogue is rated R.

#BasicInstinct audition tape for #WaybackWednesday

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Is anyone else terrified right now?

Despite that tense, haunting performance, Stone told ET back in 1992 that she wasn’t the filmmakers’ first choice. In fact, 13 other women were considered for the role, including Julia Roberts.

“Michael [Douglas] was a very important movie star and obviously I’m not,” the actress said. “I wasn’t their first choice.”

Well, she’s certainly a very important movie star now!

Watch the video below to see Stone share her crazy amazing bikini pics and what she told ET about embracing getting older.

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