Rihanna was spotted partying hard at Cropover Festival Kadooment Day in Barbados She looked amazing with a Blue Wig and a Bejeweled Costume She wore colorful feather headers as she waved to fans along the parade route She seemed to be having an amazing time Lewis Hamilton on the other hand tried to get on the same float as his rumored ex and she wanted no part Him and his crew were forced to walk behind in the middle of the street FOTO GTRES
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Rihanna Outdoes Herself in Sexy, Beaded Bikini at Barbados’ Crop Over Festival

Rihanna’s native Barbados knows how to party!

The 29-year-old R&B artist almost always shows up to the Caribbean island’s Crop Over Festival, and fully participates in the celebration, which includes men and women in elaborate, scantily-clad costumes. This year, however, Rihanna took her outfit to the next level!

On Monday, the “Work” singer posted a gif to her Instagram story of herself wearing an intricately-beaded string bikini, a turquoise wig, and huge, colorful feathers. She also had a wide range of head-to-toe accessories to match her bikini, including jewels that appeared to be glued to her forehead. Some fans are even comparing the style to what the Victoria’s Secret Angels wear at the annual runway show.

This is clearly one of Rihanna’s favorite times of the year as she’s sported a slew of creative, barely-there costumes over at this annual event. She also went live on Instagram this year during the festival’s Kadooment parade.

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