Jim Carrey Gave an Incredibly Bizarre Interview at a New York Fashion Week Party

Jim Carrey spoke with E! News‘ Catt Sadler on the red carpet of Harper’s Bazaars party celebrating Icons by Carine Roitfeld at the Plaza during New York Fashion Week on Friday, and things got super awkward, to say the least. From the moment Carrey started circling around her as she tried to ask him a question, Sadler probably knew that this wasn’t going to be your usual, albeit boring, red carpet interview. 

Sadler tried her best to get the interview on track by mentioning that she doesn’t normally see the comedian at events for NYFW. Carrey, however, wanted to make it clear that he felt events like the one he was attending were meaningless. “There’s no meaning to any of this,” he said. “So I wanted to find the most meaningless thing that I could come to and join and here I am.” 

Even after Sadler tried to educate Carrey on the meaning behind the event, the comedian quickly shot down her statement. Then, taking a page out of his Maharishi University of Management commencement speech, Carrey added, “I don’t believe in personalities. I believe that peace lies beyond personalities, beyond invention and disguise, beyond the red ‘S’ you wear on your chest, that makes bullets bounce off.” 

As if this encounter couldn’t get any more weird, Carrey told Sadler about his interesting suit choice, “I didn’t get dressed up. There is no me. There’s just things happening.” Maybe Carrey was just trying to purposely get as weird as possible for the camera. Either way, we need answers.

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