Boosie Asks Mark “Zuckenburger” to Give Him Back His Instagram Page

Previously, Boosie’s Instagram account was deactivated, which caused the rapper to ponder why his page was taken away. Boosie noted that Instagram is a great tool for him and his business, and called out Facebook. He noted that rappers aren’t making any show money, so IG is how he’s making things happen for his family. Since then, Boosie has posted another video, this time calling out Mark “Zuckenburger” and asking him to let him back on IG.

Boosie apologized for allegedly having sexual content, which is what reportedly got his account deactivated. Boosie then revealed that he was contacted and asked to verify he was behind the account. However, his IG account is still not up, which is why the rapper posted the video. Watch above.

Via (VladTV)

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