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    Chance The Rapper Educates us about Chicago Politics

    Chance The Rapper is on a mission to not only entertain but educate, and getting people involved in politics seems to be one of his objectives. On Friday (Nov. 30), he released a hilarious new video where he reports on Chicago politics as an old-school reporter. The video is titled “Elderly Alderman” and finds Chano dressed up as […] More

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    Video Of Donald Trump’s Halloween Celebration With Press Children Is Painfully Weird

    You know when you’re faced with something really cringey on television and you can’t look away? Like, pretty much anytime Simon Cowell is mean or all the early episodes of The Office? Well prepare yourself for the biggest cringefest there ever was — courtesy of our Commander-in-Chief. Watching Donald Trump celebrate Halloween with a bunch of children is […] More

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    Why Was There a Giant Inflatable Chicken Near the White House?

    The White House received a giant visitor Wednesday. A huge, inflatable chicken that bears resemblance to President Donald Trump has taken roost behind the official presidential residence. It’s unknown who placed the chicken there, but it’s not the first time the huge figure has been seen. It made an appearance in Wisconsin during an April […] More