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  • Saturday Night Live - Season 44

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    SNL Spoofs R.Kelly Interview

    Many parodies of R. Kelly‘s emotional interview with Gayle King have been made already, but SNL’s spoof was certainly one worth watching. Kenan Thompson took on the role of Kelly while Leslie Jones hilariously played Gayle in the show’s opening skit and they didn’t miss a beat. But that wasn’t the end of the R. Kelly talk on Saturday’s show. More

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    Samuel L. Jackson Loves ‘Pulp Fiction’ Mashup Of Kavanaugh

    Samuel L. Jackson gave the thumbs-up to a mashup of his “Pulp Fiction” character questioning Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh but made it clear he doesn’t approve of the man. “Funny as hell,” Jackson said of the clip, “but there’s nothing funny about his Lying Fratboy Ass!!!” Jackson referred to words uttered by his chatty hitman […] More

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    ‘SNL’: Bill Murray As Steven Bannon Faces Off Against Fred Armisen’s Michael Wolff On ‘Morning Joe’

    We’re dying! Saturday Night Live started off 2018 with another sketch poking fun at MSNBC’s Morning Joe! Mika Brzeinski (Kate McKinnon, 34) and Joe Scarborough (Alex Moffat, 35) were sharing their disbelief at President Donald Trump‘s, 71, latest bad behavior when a few familiar faces dropped by! Steve Bannon (Bill Murray, 67) and Fire and Furyauthor Michael Wolff (Fred Armisen, 51) showed up to spar over who saved […] More

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    Ray Liotta Is KFC’s Newest Celebrity Colonel Sanders

    Over the last couple of years, KFC has brought its legendary founder back to life in the form of many an unexpected celebrity–Darrell Hammond, Jim Gaffigan, Norm MacDonald, Billy Zane and Rob Riggle, George Hamilton, and Rob Lowe. Now, Ray Liotta joins this esteemed list and dons the white wig n’ stache to deliver one […] More