Weed Company Mocks Big Pharma Ads In Genius Parody Video

It’s 2017, and cannabis is legal for medicinal use in 27 US. states. This said, why are people still reaching for prescription drugs when they have access to a plant that has killed 0 people in the history of Earth— and is proven to deliver numerous benefits

It’s a valid question — one the Oregon-based cannabis delivery service Briteside asked. Because no team member could come up with a convincing answer, the company decided to produce an SNL-style parody video that largely mocks the lame commercials most prescription drug companies pump out on a near-daily basis.

Brightside partnered with Sandwich Video to produce the parody video which depicts two frazzled adults finally getting the help they need, in the form of some sweet, sticky kush.  The video begins just like an average pharmaceutical advertisement. However, it takes a provocative turn as the voice-over recommends the dank herb.

Potentially awesome side-effects are listed, and they include “euphoria, increased appetite, uncontrollable giggles, elevated sensitivity to musical dopeness and reduced anxiety.”

Perhaps the best part of the parody video is when a new-and-improved version of the classic pharmaceutical line is delivered: “Ask your doctor if cannabis is right for you. It probably is.”

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